Chicago - September 27, 2018

If there is one reason for small businesses to build a website, it is so that their customers can get in touch with them. As simple as that ! Well, really there are many more reasons for businesses for all sizes to build a website. And even go beyond a website – every business today needs to build a powerful digital presence.


Let’s start with the contact form on your website - why is a contact form attractive to your customers when browsing your website? Three simple reasons:

Convenience  – It requires very low amount of effort to fill out a contact form, and it is fast. Other methods of getting in touch like phone or email require users have to first find your phone number or email on your website, then open the phone or email app, put your phone number or email address, and then initiate contact. Not having to deal with a real person (no sales pressure) can also save time and energy and works quite well for simple inquiries.

Available all the time – 24x7, 365 days a year, rain or shine – the contact form is there on your website even when you are not there at your store and nobody is available on phone. Users don’t need to search for your store’s business hours like they have to do when contacting in person or by phone. The form is always there.

Clarity - a contact form requires specific fields some being mandatory and it’s easy for customers to provide the necessary details without forgetting any. What this means is that a contact form clearly asks for Name, Email, Phone, Address, and other relevant details specific to the subject. Customers can just fill them all out without forgetting to provide any key piece of information.

From a small business owner perspective, it keeps things organized. All responses to contact forms are collected in one place and available for future reference, in a consistent way since all inquiries have the exact same fields filled out. It also allows the business owner to add options for getting customers signed up for email list, newsletter, coupon club etc. at the same time that the customers submit a query. The business owner can get the exact information they need by providing various mandatory and optional form fields.

In our experience, the small business owner who has put a contact form on their website has started to get 5-8 new inquires every month, without doing any else.

Are you a small business owner who wants to put a contact form on their website? Do you have already a contact form on your website? Have you noticed similar results as us or something else? Drop us a line at – we would love to hear your thoughts.