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Chicago Innovation

Global Relevance


Chicago Innovation

Chicago Innovation

Global Relevance

We Solve Your Business Problems. 

Cago delivers technology solutions and services to companies of all sizes In the United States and rest of the world. We can provide strategy and implementation to our clients or provide tactical approaches to immediate needs. Small and Agile, we possess a wealth of technical knowledge and a warm, easy to understand approach you will like. We deliver value because we are small, lean and with little overhead so we can give you more without costing your an arm and a leg.

We make an impact because we build your trust every step of the way. We are small enough to be close and personal, yet we are large enough to support and carry out your dreams. You get lots of personal attention and satisfaction. You might start to feel a little pampered.

Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise


We Are Small. Therefore, We Focus.

We have a simple mission - to solve your business problems. We emphasize communication. New technology can be confusing and talking to a techie can be like comprehending a foreign language. It can also be frustrating knowing your business is getting more and more tied to the virtual world. Although we are passionate with lots of technical know-how, we understand one thing: if we can't communicate, we are missing something in the translation. We work hard to understand your message, so we can take your ideas to the next level of communication — reality.


Website Design and Development

Get a beautiful website for your business. We will work with you to understand your business goals and challenges and discuss your target audience. We will deliver a responsive website that provides the same great user experience on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone. Websites designed by us are simple, elegant, and easy to use. They are also easy to maintain.

We work with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, HTML, CSS and also provide hosting.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Get the highest possible ranking for your business in search results. We can make it happen. We track SERP rankings for your specific keywords, across major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo - for both desktop and mobile. We also track Google Local search rankings, as well as rankings when searching from exact location. We optimize your website and help you outsmart your competition by having your keyword rankings show higher than your competitors. 



Android and iOS Apps

Build a Mobile App for your business, with an awesome user experience. We can solve your business problems with Android and iOS Apps - custom built for your unique challenges. We provide end-to-end services in Mobile Apps - starting with defining the business problem and a mobile strategy to solve it, followed by UI / UX design, Mobile App development including server backend development and integration, publishing on the app stores, and tying it all together with your website for a seamless experience. 

CRM and Salesforce

Get a CRM to help grow your business. Whether it is developing a custom CRM for your unique business needs, or implementing Salesforce, we can do it efficiently, in a cost-effective manner, and at minimal risk. We can help  integrate Salesforce with your current system, managing third-party integration and data synchronization. We provide AppExchange Development Services  so that you can run your business with apps that can be deployed on App marketplace - AppExchange.


Get in touch

Get in touch

What our customers are saying about us


Bahubali Machines

The CRM software that Cago has developed for us has given our business a great boost.

We are able to manage our inventory and customer information in a more organised way.

We are thankful to Cago and team.



Parag Jain, CEO, Bahubali Machines - Largest dealers of used gear machinery in India


My Medical CliniC

I want to thank Cago for the excellent technology support their company has provided. I am very pleased with all the work Cago has done for us from website transfer, hosting and ongoing maintenance. 

Your customer service has been excellent and we at My Medical Clinic look forward to an ongoing business relationship with your company.

Chaitanya Anand, MD and CEO of My Medical Clinic PLLC

Comfort Inn Bourbonnais

This newly designed site by Cago has been the presence we have been looking for.

In a few simple weeks our revenue has increased through our added exposure.

Guest's prefer this site for ease of reservation.



Terri Caldwell, General Manager, Comfort Inn Bourbonnais - Best value hotel in Bourbonnais


Get in Touch with us

You can stick your toe in the water by setting up an appointment. We are happy to meet with you. This is our way of getting to know what you are looking for and how we can help. We will listen to what you would like, ask for clarification and perhaps even brainstorm together over what the possible next step would need to be. You get to know our capabilities and start to feel a comfort level... without spending a dime.

ask for an RFP

So what's it going to cost? Let us find out what you are looking to build and we will tell you. When we get a complete scope of the proposal, we can give you an accurate breakdown of time to build and time to implement. You can plan a roll out and we can get started. It's all very simple and painless. 

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